Greater flexibilitythan ever before

Maximator X-TOWER is a modular compressor system developed specifically for hydrogen compression under pressure of up to 900 bar with scalable volume flow.

Greater flexibilitythan ever before

- Plug & boost
- Optimization for integration
- Remote access
- Electric drive
- Scalability up to 10 kg/h

A revolutionary compressor system for hydrogen applications

Maximator X-TOWER is a modular compressor system developed specifically for hydrogen compression under pressure of up to 900 bar with scalable volume flow. X-TOWER is designed for integration into existing equipment and meets almost all requirements for efficient gas compression.

Modular system for hydrogen compression

Standard configuration enabling compression of up to 900 bar consists of a MASTER module (control module) and other up to three X modules (pressure booster modules) – 1st level up to 300 bar, 2nd level up to 600 bar, and final level up to 900 bar. Through this configuration, an output gas flow corresponding to 10 kg of hydrogen per hour can be reached. In order to achieve a higher output gas flow, additional modules can be connected without problems.

Gas compression is achieved thanks to our new model series EHB (ElectroHydraulic-Booster) and this completely new electrohydraulic drive concept brings unprecedented efficiency.

For all applications, the MASTER module is a mandatory equipment; it monitors the safety and functionality characteristics of up to three other X modules. Depending on the specific application, the X modules can be combined or interconnected.



Thanks to the X-TOWER system, you can plan your future. Our solution can be customized according to current requirements and needs, by modifying, adding, or removing the relevant X modules. The modular structure allows for countless combinations of X modules to be used in the system of various applications and to satisfy individual customer requirements.


The completely encapsulated new hydraulic drive concept controlled by a frequency converter from our EHB model range delivers the most efficient solution for gas compression:

  • Effective hydraulic drive with a small volume of oil
  • Direct separation of process gas and hydraulics
  • Integrated flushing concept
  • Silent drive


Intelligent and affective new cooling concept keeps the gas temperature under control at minimal energy consumption.

Air Flow Tower Purge

Our revolutionary concept of forced ventilation is a guarantee that an explosive atmosphere cannot form inside the X-Tower system.


Thanks to the limited connection via interface, we can proudly say: „plug & boost“. Web access to the control system facilitates independent control using a mobile PC station of smart phone. Our X-Tower system is prepared for IoT integration to improve processes and deliver a greater volume of information on the gas compression process than ever before.


Flushing, temperature and pressure control, gas identification, and active ventilation – these are just a few of the many safety features of the new X-Tower system.

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