Maximator modular test benches

Qualified test procedures for testing plastic components reliably pave the way for product innovation in the automotive industry. Special test equipment enables load tests to be carried out on components during production, which reduces the weight of the vehicle as well as the fuel consumption.

The technology´s benefits

Tests of plastic components provide information on the given components´ capability to meet functionality expectations. There are various test methods, such as overpressure destruction tests, leakage tests, and stress tests, which are part of qualification tests and quality monitoring tests during production. In order to create conditions comparable to real operating environment, components are often tested under climatic conditions (-40°C to +180°C) under loads of various test media (e.g., gases, oil, water-glycol mixture).

Our solutions for testing plastic components

Maximator modular test benches enable cost-effective and flexible testing of plastic components The systems include a test chamber, pressure generating device, and process control. When performing demanding overpressure destruction tests, we install additional lining in our test chambers. The modular test bench is fitted with a pressure multiplier or Maximator high-pressure pump, both of which are powered by compressed air. We produce test pressures with very high repetition accuracy.

In order to achieve highly accurate pressure regulation, we have developed a pressure control system. The pumps or the pressure multiplier, respectively, are regulated using sequentially controlled proportional pressure reducing valves. Using freely programmable pressure load stages, it is possible to practically adjust, automatically start, and document the various load stages of the tested components.

Maximator test equipment

Pressure tested plastic components in the automotive industry:

  • water cooling system
  • suction module
  • tubes and pipes in the engine compartment
  • filter body
  • expansion tank

Performance parameters

  • Expansion tank
  • Tests according to DIN standards or specific customer´s requirements
  • Stress test with various liquids /gases
  • Modular design with a temperature chamber (up to 300°C) or climatic chamber (-40°C - +180°C)
  • Safety: Test chambers integrated in closed “containers“
  • Recoil tests
  • Flow measuring
  • Impulse pressure tests
  • Overpressure destruction tests
  • Leakage tests

MX universal test benches

Universal test bench MX 4,000 bar / 58,000 psi

for testing pressure seepage, functionality of components and modules exposed to pressure using oil, water, or Shape emulsion

The practical test is the surest way of assessing the quality of components, modules, or products exposed to pressure. In this process, products are subjected to various pressure, seepage, or functionality tests. Only practical tests provide reliable information about the required properties of products and materials.

Depending on the specific application, different test processes have to be implemented here. The whole spectrum includes simple exposure to pressure, on the one hand. On the other hand, pressure tests are subject to more complex requirements, such as time-defined stress tests with fixed timing of exposure to pressure and constant pressure holding.

Thanks to its modular and flexible design, the MX universal test bench is the optimal solution for all requirements for manual pressure test using oil, water, or emulsion. The MX universal test benches are configured for the specific test requirement and can be even equipped with an MX container upon request. The benches guarantee maximum effectiveness and simultaneously optimal test results.

Intelligent control

The system of controlling test benches is equipped with a Maximator pneumatic regulator (MX control unit) and as such it represents a real qualitative advancement: The test processes can be flexibly defined, saved, and repeated or adjusted, as applicable. Recording the test results can be individual, too – testing components will therefore be flexible and problem-free, i.e., the way it should be.

The MX control unit consists of a pneumatic distributor that controls the air-driven pump or the pump system. Control is ensured by a microcontroller that was developed specifically for Maximator high-pressure, air-driven pumps.

An integrated computer enables the operator to manage recipes, record test results, and maintain a user-friendly interface. Visualization is achieved via a web interface and can be called up via LAN or WLAN using a computer, tablet, or smart phone.

The MX control unit offers a very accurate automatic control of high-pressure pumps based on the principle of predefined, multi-stage and/or linear pressure curves.

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Universal­ MAXIMATOR test bench

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