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Our history: More than 130 years of experience underpin the high level of our expertise in machine engineering and in development and manufacture of components. Underground and tunnel construction, treatment and disposal of mineral resources, high-pressure technologies, automation, and services: In each of our business activities, our customers and partners can rely the many years of our experience, good knowledge of the market, innovation, and maximum quality.

Our organization: The Schmidt Kranz Group comprises of several medium-sized independent enterprises conducting activities in the above industrial segments. The headquarters of our company is located in Germany and through independent enterprises, we are represented in more than 25 countries around the world.

Our mission: We create technological solutions for a new generation with enthusiasm and efficiency, while applying advanced business thinking.

Our focus: As a family enterprise, we have a long-term perspective and strive for sustainable and prosperous growth. We use our expertise and passion for technologies to develop new applications that save resources, thus considerably contributing to the development of our society and the future generation

In addition to digitalization, we see the greatest potential in the medium term in applications related to hydrogen, especially in hydrogen mobility. Thanks to ongoing investment in this field of industry, we are now able to cover a significant part of the value chain. Our solutions start with hydrogen production from renewable energy sources and end with hydrogen pumping and filling stations. In this endeavor, we use the many years of our experience and our reliable and highly efficient high-pressure components.

Without limitations, we also develop digitalized solutions for the transport infrastructure of the future and equipment for deep mining and tunneling, as well as innovative solutions for the processing and recycling of raw materials. All our activities are backed up by agile services to maintain sustainable relations with our customers.

We promote lean and efficient international cooperation, production, and thinking. The management of the holding company is not involved in the day-to-day activities of the subsidiaries. We support them in the area of strategic orientation, business development, financing and implementation of key initiatives

Our team: The people in our company form a solid foundation of our success. We build on a strong corporate culture, motivation, and constant development of a dynamic team of competent executives and experts.

Although flexibility and quick decision-making is typical for our style of management, we are committed to long-lasting internal and external relations. We regularly offer internal education programs and training to make sure that we all continue to develop and optimize our processes.

Tradition and innovation

Our history

<> More than 130 years of experience underpin the high level of our professional knowledge in the area of engineering, development, and manufacture of components. ­ ­

Our history

Together for hydrogen

Hydrogen is the key element of long-lasting and successful energy transformation around the world. This is where you will learn how the companies of the SK Group are working under pressure worldwide to support green hydrogen ... ­ ­

Together for hydrogen


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