High-pressure technology and hydraulic systems of the most sophisticated level – MAXIMATOR Hochdrucktechnik GmbH

Founded in 1990, our company has since then developed into a leading supplier of high-pressure and test technology, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, and hydraulic aggregates. Development, design, manufacture, and sale of products on an international scale is ensured by our qualified and committed employees. Our systems and components are used in technological facilities all over the world.

MAXIMATOR Hochdrucktechnik GmbH

We supply high-quality and efficiently working products to all industrial sectors – from gear pumps to electronically controlled axles or agricultural machines to high-pressure aggregates, as well as testing and production stations. Our customers of many years can rely on our expertise and extensive professional experience.

Supplier of systems for high-pressure technology

We are a leading global supplier of air-driven liquid pumps, booster compressors, and gas compressors. In addition to the above products, we supply the appropriate accessories, such as valves, threaded fittings, pressure regulators, pressure switches, and other components.

Design and manufacture of hydraulic systems

In the area of hydraulic systems, we design and manufacture hydraulic aggregates with tanks ranging from 1 to 10,000 l, as well as cooling and lubrication aggregates. We manufacture these systems according to our customers´ specific requirements and adjust them to their individual needs. In addition to design and production activities, whenever necessary, we provide professional support during the commissioning of our systems and equipment.

Engineering and planning of special equipment

We focused primarily on designing and manufacture of all types of special equipment. Based exactly on your specific requirements for your own equipment, we will prepare the equipment you need. We will find an efficient and functional solution for your new equipment. Contact us and tell us about your requirements for new equipment. On the basis of your own requirements, our staff will design made-to-measure equipment that will accurately reflect your requirements and expectations.