Fuel of the future – Hydrogen will eventually come.

Maximator Hydrogen GmbH makes hydrogen filling stations with a true passion, thus setting the trend for the future. It is the company´s mission to ensure widespread use of hydrogen and support the creation of infrastructures to achieve climatic neutrality.


Hydrogen filling stations from Maximator Hydrogen

Thanks to many years of experience with high-pressure technologies, Maximator GmbH was able to develop a specific product portfolio for the field of hydrogen applications. In response to the global call for environment-friendly alternatives to fossil fuels and in cooperation with several visionary minds, we decided to manufacture hydrogen filling stations and founded Maximator Hydrogen GmbH. The requirement to provide the right technology at the right time did not complicate our decision-making in any way.

Maximator GmbH is the leader in high-pressure technologies and offers its customers specific individual solutions ranging from the smallest seals to huge test benches for tank testing. And Maximator Hydrogen GmbH continues to develop this creed: we will help you find the right solutions for specific hydrogen applications.

  • System solutions for the entire process chain in the hydrogen technology segment
  • Development of hydrogen infrastructure for road, rail, and water transport
  • Unique professional competence and innovation potential in the segment of hydrogen technologies
  • „Hydrogen-Spirit“ – open-mindedness, firm determination, unconditional teamwork, and true passion