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Hochdrucktechnik Ges.m.b.H.
Pascalstraße 1
4614 Marchtrenk

phone +43 7243 20 700
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MAXIMATOR Compressors and high pressure gas boosters

With our high pressure gas boosters gases like Argon, Helium, Hydrogen and Nitrogen can be compressed to an operating pressure of 2,100 bar. Oxygen can be compressed to 350 bar.

Our products comply with the explosion protection directive 94/9/EG and are listed in category 2G / 2D, explosion group IIB.

Our products are used for:

  • Breathing Air for fire services, disaster control, rescue services and diving clubs
  • Liquid or gas supply for barrier pressure seals
  • Exploration of oil and natural gas
  • Oil free transferring and compression of gases
  • Gas assisted injection molding
  • Seal gas boosters for turbo compressors

Our wide product range includes:

  • PLV Air Amplifiers: Suitable for the compression of pressurized air or nitrogen
  • DLE High Pressure Boosters: Suitable for the compression of pressurized air and all common gases used at research institutes.
  • ROB Mini Oxygen Booster: For the quick and effective compression of oxygen
  • HDLE Hydraulic Driven Boosters: Suitable for the compression of industrial gases and hydrogen
  • High-Pressure Compressors for Breathing Air and Gas Mixing Technology: For the professional and semi-professional use
  • MAXIMATOR offers a wide range of different compressors and high pressure gas boosters